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Michael Oswald
Photography: Kyoto, JapanMichael Oswald Photography: Kyoto,
For many people Kyoto is the most beautiful town in Japan. While it is also a modern city with nice pieces of modern architecture, it also houses a large number of shrines, temples, and castles. Many of them have been declared world heritage sites. (Michael Oswald, April 2006)


Michael Oswald
Photography: Hiroshima, JapanHiroshima
This city will always be remembered for what happened on August 6, 1945. Yet, there is more to see here. The Itsukushima shrine located on Miyajima island close to the town is an excellent place to visit. (Michael Oswald, April 2006)


Michael Oswald
Photography: Tokyo, JapanMichael Oswald Photography: Tokyo,
(Michael Oswald, April 2006)