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Colorado National Monument

Michael Oswald
Photography: Colorado NMMichael Oswald Photography: Colorado
NMColorado NM
I have already been in close proximity of Colorado National Monument twice (in 1998, and in 2005). Yet I never have actually visited it - so far. What a shame! This is a very impressive place. I really enjoyed it. (Michael Oswald, August 2006)

Arches National Park

Michael Oswald
Photography: Arches NPArches NP
This was my second visit to this park in roughly one year. This time I made it to Double-O arch. The weather was very interesting - violent thunderstorms in the desert are indeed something special. (Michael Oswald, August 2006)

Canyonlands National Park

Michael Oswald
Photography: Canyonlands National ParkMichael Oswald Photography:
Canyonlands NPCanyonlands NP
Would you get up at 4 o'clock in the morning in order to see (and to photograph) a sunrise through an arch hanging on the edge of a 500-meter deep canyon? I did it. See the results. (Michael Oswald, August 2006)